Petroleum Engineering Technology

Operation & Logestic (PET)

About Program

Credential Awarded: Post Graduate Diploma

Duration: 2 years

This program tackles challenges in production, processing, and logistics that are common in petroleum sector and prepares the students to start his/her career in this field.  Whether you are a recent graduate, seeking a change in your career or interested in occupations associated to Plant Design, Production Analysis or Refinery Technologies, we are confident that with our network of senior Engineers, University and College Professors and dedicated supporting staff, this program can help you achieve your career goals.

  • Advanced 2 Year Option is available
  • 3 Month Coop Engineering Experience
  • Up-to-date and modern Software and Tools

Program Highlight

Curriculum Highlights

  • Overview of Oil Refinery Technology
  • Operation and Control of Distillation Processes
  • Corrosion in Oil Refinery Operations
  • Environment topics on Produced Water
  • Process Automation (PLC/DCS)
  • Process Equipment Operations
  • Troubleshooting and Performance Monitoring Techniques

Program Highlights

Graduates would be able to seek careers as:

  • Production Technologist
  • Facilities Technologist
  • Plant Operators
  • Process Operators
  • Field Operations Superintendent
  • Chemical Technicians
  • Maintenance Operator
  • Unit Operator
  • Process Technologist

Co-Op (Work Placement) training occurs after semesters six (6).

Course Schedule

CourseCourse IDUnits
Technical Math for Technicians and TechnologistPET – 21014 Units
Technical CommunicationPET – 21021 Units
Physical ChemistryPET – 21034 units
Health, Safety and Environment StudiesPET – 21042 Units
Introduction to Data ManagementPET – 21052 Units
Basic InstrumentationPET – 21064 Units
CourseCourse IDUnits
Technical Math for Technicians and TechnologistPET – 22014 Units
Technical Communication IIPET – 22022 Units
ThermodynamicsPET – 22034 units
Corrosion BasicsPET – 22042 Units
Energy and Material BalanceCPT – 22054 Units
Mass and Heat TransferPET – 22054 Units
Applied Fluid MechanicsPET – 22064 Units
CourseCourse IDUnits
Materials and Equipment DesignPET – 23014 Units
Environmental Operating PracticesPET – 23022 Units
Business Etiquette and Presentation SkillsPET – 23031 units
Process Technology, Plant Equipment Optimization and TroubleshootingPET – 23042 Units
Petroleum Project Economics and Risk ManagementPET – 23052 Units
Well Service Blowout Prevention and Safety OperationsPET – 23062 Units
Petroleum Industry OverviewPET – 23071 Units
CourseCourse IDUnits
DrillingPET – 24012 Units
H2S AlivePET – 24021 Units
Petroleum Chemistry, Crude Oil Evaluation and Classification (Lab)PET – 24044 units
Petroleum GeochemistryPET – 24052 Units
Petroleum Geology, Surface and SubsurfacePET – 24064 Units
CourseCourse IDUnits
Logging, Well Completion and Oil-Well CementingPET – 25012 Units
Petroleum Production OptimizationPET – 25024 Units
Through-Tubing Production LoggingPET – 25034 units
Reservoir EngineeringPET – 25044 Units
Gas Processing at well-site, LNG and Natural Gas ProductionPET – 25052 Units
CourseCourse IDUnits
Applications of Computer Technology in Petroleum OperationsPET – 26014 Units
Enhanced Oil RecoveryPET – 26024 Units
Fundamentals of Petroleum Refinery OperationsPET – 26034 units
Heavy Crude Oil Products and OperationsPET – 26044 Units

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