Credential Awarded: College Certificate

Duration: Varies (depends on number of courses taken concurrently)

The School of Built Environment offers a Civil Construction Project Management Certificate that provide you with the expertise needed to manage civil construction projects. Courses meet industry standards and cover many topics, including civil construction practices, materials and standards, drawings and specifications, quantity take-off, construction law and safety in civil works.

Canada’s civil infrastructure is comprised of:

Highways, roads and bridges, as well as systems for water supply, storm water management and waste water treatment. Many elements of this infrastructure are deteriorating and there is a growing need to examine and upgrade these systems. This certificate program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to apply civil construction project management processes with a focus on sustainable civil construction industry practices.

Key Features of the Program

Admission requirements
You will achieve optimal success in this certificate if you have already completed a civil engineering diploma or degree or have work experience in the field of construction.

Completion Details
The order in which you complete the course requirements is only restricted by course prerequisites.

Upon completion of this certificate program you will be job ready for technical and managerial positions in the Civil Infrastructure construction sector:
Start building your career in civil construction management today with an education from the School of Built Environment.

Why should students choose to undertake this certificate program?

The benefits are truly hard to overlook. For instance, in this program students:

  • acquire practical experience related to civil construction project management
  • earn or continue to earn income during your studies
  • build your network of contacts
  • acquire hands-on knowledge and skills you can then apply in your current or future work
  • gain an advantage on the job market
  • find full-time work more easily after completing this program

Course Descriptions

This course will outline the basics of civil construction including procedures and processes and focuses on:

  • Impact of the civil construction industry on the local and national economies.
  • Function of key construction management disciplines and the interaction between stakeholders and various parties involved in the civil construction industry.
  • Types and methods of contracting within the context of civil construction procurement.
  • Importance of regulatory compliance requirements, including construction law and ethics, labour relations, health and safety, provincial and municipal standards.
  • Civil construction project management processes and emerging trends with a focus on sustainable industry practices.

This course will analyze civil construction materials and standards with a focus on:

  • Commonly-used civil construction materials or products and their applications
  • Civil construction components or elements and assemblies used in civil construction.
  • Provincial and municipal standards for civil construction works

This course will outline the basics of graphical and written communications used in civil infrastructure projects and focuses on:

  • Graphic communications used in civil infrastructure projects.
  • Interpretation of construction drawings for civil construction
  • Standard specifications used in civil construction

This course will outline the principles of estimating civil infrastructure projects and focuses on:

  • Scoping civil construction works
  • Quantity take-off of work for the structural elements of small structures in civil construction

This course will outline the principles of construction law and legal issues relevant to the construction industry in Canada and focuses on:

  • Principles of construction law and legal issues
  • Contract law, tendering, construction liens, insurance, bonds, risk avoidance as well as labour and employment law.
  • Standard forms of construction contracts and consultancy agreements used in the design and construction of civil projects.
  • Construction claims, including contractual, negligence and misrepresentation.

This course will outline the hhealth and safety practices and documents applicable in the Canadian construction industry and focuses on:

  • Construction Health and Safety practices
  • Health and safety management including fall protection, WHMIS, and confined space regulations in the workplace.
  • Trenching, traffic control person and protection procedures and regulations.

Career Opportunity

This Civil Construction Project Management Certificate program prepares graduates to undertake technical and managerial roles in the infrastructure construction industry. Career options available to graduates of this program may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project Manager
  • Estimator
  • Site Superintendent
  • Project Quality Control Field Inspector
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Scheduling Analyst
  • Technical Sales Representative

Tuition and Fees

Course Delivery Method:

These are all online courses. Refer to the basic technology requirements for online courses. If you are planning to register for more than one course at the same time, email us before you register

Course Hours:  40

Course Fee:  $498

Course AVAILABILITY: May 2020

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