Bulk Electrical System and Distributed Generation- 6 weeks access to Easy Power VM

This course will present the typical configurations and requirements for protection of the Bulk Electrical System, for different voltage and power level.

Also the Distributed Generation types and typical protections are presented, introducing the concept of zoning and pilot protection.

Requirement for Distributed Generation regarding power quality and Harmonics at the PCC Point -Point of Common Coupling, IEEE-519, 2014.

Typical Harmonic Generation Systems – Power Electronics used in Line inverters, Power Factor Correction Systems and methods of harmonics elimination will be discussed.

Power Generation Systems and Backup Power Systems using battery bank and UPS will be also presented.

Large Motor Starting study using Easy Power will be also demonstrated in this course.

The course manual is available in the VM, each major topic is presented in a video presenting the practical implementation and the study done using EASY POWER.

The Student has access to the VM for 6 weeks for this course for the completion of the assignments using EASY POWER.

After completion of the course the student will be able to identify:

  • Major sources of voltage and current harmonics
  • Recommend best practice for harmonics elimination
  • Perform a study of the Harmonics elimination in a power system
  • Recommend optimum power factor correction for a power system
  • Recommend best Power Quality Data Acquisition System for monitoring the PCC Point
  • Model and calculate the impact of a large motor starting system and recommend best reactive power compensation system for maintaining the voltage level on the supply bus
  • Recommend best practices of protection at the PCC level according to Hydro One documentation.

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