Automation Integration-6 weeks access to VM

This course will upgrade your skills to the INTEGRATOR LEVEL.

You will learn how to size the servo system using MOTION ANALIZER; select the proper Controller; I/O Cards and sensors using Integrated Architection Builder-IAB, and program the main logic using SFC and communication between the machines on the automation line using produced and consumed tags.

The student will design and program the machine based on the Technical Specification of the AFGD LINE.

Also will program the HMI including animation using PAX and Add-On Instructions.

The student has access 6 weeks to the VM to complete all the assignments and practice to gain maximum experience.

There is a course material for the course and a Video presenting each major topic, also there will be an interaction with the students based on WEB-EX.

AFTER COMPLETION OF THIS COURSE YOU WILL Become an INTEGRATOR! Congratulation this is the highest level you can achieve in Automation Design and Programming!

Now you can apply for any AUTOMATION JOB on the market. Time to time we will provide links were the students can apply for AUTOMATION JOBS.

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