Advanced HMI—SCADA & DCS, 6 weeks access to the VM

This course will teach the student the power of Plant PAX and Add-On Instructions created by Rockwell for wide area network Monitoring and control Systems.

The student will learn how to create HMI using PAX and Network or distributed networks FTAP, data collection using SQL Server and different control systems required for positioning of the control valve to regulate the flow or the positional hysteresis regulator for temperature control. Manual Tuning and Alarm Server also will be presented.

The student has access 6 weeks to the VM to complete all the assignments and practice to gain maximum experience.

There is a course material for the course and a Video presenting each major topic, also there will be an interaction with the students based on WEB-EX.

After completing of this course, the student will be able to program and HMI for a distributed network or network application using PAX and Add-On Instructions. Also the student will be able to setup a close loop control for different applications using various regulators, e.g. PIDE; Hysteresis or By-positional regulator to control valves or different other control systems.

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