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The Electrical and Power Technology is our Advanced One-Year Post Graduate Diploma. The Advanced Technology Diploma is suitable for individuals with at least one year of work experience in Electrical Power Industries and will prepare you to work as a support in Electrical Power Generation Units. If you are a recent high-school graduate or do not possess work experience in this field, you can apply for the Electrical Engineering Technology (2-Year) diploma, introducing you to the fundamentals and prerequisite courses required to succeed in this program.

Our Electrical and Power Systems training program provides comprehensive training solution for today’s engineering and technical field personnel.
This hands-on approach, introduces technical procedures, practices, and problem solving methodologies, on the actual equipment that are commonly utilized in the industry. Students will learn how to Design and Calculate a New Electrical System Regardless Of the Power, Size all the Electrical Equipment, Complete Protection Coordination Studies, ARC Flash Calculation, Testing Backup Generators and UPS Systems, Conduction Preventative Maintenance for Grounding Systems, and recommend SCADA System Implementation for a new or existing system.


Electrical Substation

After successfully completing the Substation Course the student will be able to:

  • Understand all the Major Components of the Substation
  • Methods of Testing of Major Electrical Equipment including Power Transformers
  • Design a Substation and Select the Proper Topology for the application
  • Select the most adequate technology for the location and application
  • Create EASY POWER MODEL for Substation
  • Run the Load Flow Study for the Model to verify the Equipment sizing

Bulk Electrical System

After successfully completing the BULK ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Course the student will be able to:

  • Define an electrical Subsystem as BULK ELECTRICAL or Distribution
  • Apply the PRC Standards Based on the BULK Electrical System Criteria
  • Implement the Models to create the proper protection System using EASY POWER
  • Perform Protection Coordination for specific Substation
  • Create TCC -Time Current Curve for the Substation

EasyPower Electrical System Modelling

After successfully completing the Easy Power Modeling Course the student will be able to:

  • Perform hand calculation to determine the short circuit current
  • ARC FLASH Energy or Parameters required for sizing Circuit Breakers or Fuses
  • Perform Load Flow Study using EASY POWER to evaluate the equipment size
  • Voltage Drop and Equipment Duty
  • Perform Short Circuit Calculation Symmetrical and Asymmetrical using EASY POWER
  • Perform Protection and Coordination Study using EASY POWER and crating TCC Time Current Curves to optimize settings
  • Perform ARC FLASH Study using NFPA 70E or IEEE 1584
  • Perform Motor Starting Study using EASY POWER
  • Perform Harmonics Calculation and Filter Sizing using Easy Power

Curriculum Highlights

  • Automation Hands-on Training (Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley
  • State-of-the-art Electrical Power System Modelling Software(EasyPower)
  • Industrial Seminars and Guest Speakers from Industry
  • Field Trips
  • Opportunity for Internships

Program Highlights

  • 3-Month Co-op Engineering Experience
  • SCADA Functions in Electrical Power Systems
  • Relay Protection Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Maintenance of Power Systems

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