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Industry’s electrical needs are diverse and ranges from Electricians to Electrical Engineers. One of the special needs of any un-interrupted industrial operation is consistent power generation in response to unreliable electricity grids or when tradition hydroelectricity is unavailable. This makes Electrical Technologist with expertise in Power System Design and Maintenance valuable assets for companies.

Our Electrical Engineering Technology Diploma program addresses critical employment needs in the electric utilities work-force. The students will gain hands-on experience and necessary set of skills and competencies and broad knowledge of the Power Industry.


Advanced Allen Bradley PLC/PAC 1

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Setup RSLinx Communication between PC and ControlLogix
  • Program basic application using ladder logic techniques and instructions
  • Download and troubleshoot ladder logic application
  • Design and program a Human Machine Interface using FactoryTalk View Studio
  • Program time-based and event-based applications
  • Write SERVO System Application using Virtual Axe4

Advanced Allen Bradley PLC/PAC 1

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Create a general project structure for CompactLogix PLCs
  • Create a tag array using a user defined data type and indirect addressing
  • Effectively use advanced instructions for Allen Bradley PLCs
  • Program PLCs with subroutines and/or AOI
  • Program PLCs using LD, FBD, ST and SFC languages
  • Maintain PLCs and troubleshoot communication issues
  • Set up PID controller and tune PID loops
  • Establish control with MSG instruction

Advanced Servo Control

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Set up an Allen Bradley system for various applications such as conveyors elevators, crane and other type of industrial robots
  • Demonstrate techniques as CAM Follower and its functions
  • Set up multi axis systems for high precision manufacturing
  • Setup and tune an Analog Servo System based on 5000 Rockwell family
  • Setup and tune a SERCOS Servo System based on 5000 Rockwell family
  • Write servo applications using basic motion instructions
  • Write application using electronic gearing
  • Write application using CAM Profile
  • Generate Fast I/O sequence using the motion planer
  • Implement a coordinated Servo System move

Motor Control Basics

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Describe industrial applications based on electrical motors and relay logic
  • Demonstrate application of motor drives
  • Set up vector drives for induction motors with heavy duty
  • Set up drives for DC motors
  • Calculate the protection

Automation Integration and Validation

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Select the automation components, servo motors, encoders, gearbox, sensors, HMI, Network for the Application using Allen Bradley Web based Software
  • Layout the Automation panel and the required protection according to CSA standard
  • Learn different techniques to minimize EMI
  • Describe the pneumatic (SMC), hydraulic (control valves)
  • Integrate other PLC family with Allen Bradley family (G&L; Omron; Siemens; Mitsubishi; Modicon; Telemecanique)
  • Remote SCADA supervisory control
  • Test/troubleshoot techniques for automation
  • Discuss OSHA and safety requirements

SCADA – Advanced Human Machine Interface

Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

  • Understand SCADA architecture
  • Design a distributed HMI application using FactoryTalk View Studio
  • Manage/Monitor Application and Documentation of project
  • Produced and Consumed tags, MSG communication
  • Data log, script in Structured Query Language, data extraction
  • Process libraries
  • Design a modem distributed control system with PlantPAx

Curriculum Highlights

  • Automation Hands-on Training (Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley
  • State-of-the-art Electrical Power System Modelling Software(EasyPower)
  • Industrial Seminars and Guest Speakers from Industry
  • Field Trips
  • Opportunity for Internships

Program Highlights

  • 3-Month Co-op Engineering Experience
  • SCADA Functions in Electrical Power Systems
  • Relay Protection Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Maintenance of Power Systems

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