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Diploma Program
Petroleum Engineering Technology: Plant Operations / Logistical Services

After a decade of active contribution to corporate training in Oil and Gas industry, we are presenting a thorough program dedicated to technicians and operation personnel who are interested in earning in-depth knowledge in the oil and gas industry.

This program tackles challenges in production, processing, and logistics that are common in petroleum sector and prepares the students to start his/her career in this field. Whether you are a recent graduate, seeking a change in your career or interested in occupations associated to Plant Design, Production Analysis or Refinery Technologies, we are confident that with our network of senior Engineers, University and College Professors and dedicated supporting staff, this program can help you achieve your career goals.

Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates will receive a diploma recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Our graduates confidently seek further employment in the following fields world-wide:

  • Production Specialist
  • Facilities Technologist
  • Plant Operators
  • Field Operations
  • Process Operators
  • Chemical Technicians
  • Maintenance Operator
  • Unit Operators
  • Process Technologist

Course Breakdown
Semester 1
Math for Engineering and Tech I PET2101
Technical Communications I PET2102
Petroleum chemistry PET2103
Safety Studies PET2104
Introduction to Data Management PET2105
Basic Instrumentation PET2106
Petroleum computer application PET2107
Petroleum Industry Overview  PET2108
Semester 2
Math for Engineering and Tech II PET2201
Technical Communications II PET2202
Physical Chemistry  PET2203
Petroleum Production Operation Skills PET2204
Petroleum Geology PET2205
Fundamental of Reservoir Engineering Technology PET2206
Semester 3
H2S Alive PET2301
Surface Production Operations PET2302
Formation and Logging Evaluation PET2303
Thermodynamics PET2304
Corrosion Basic  PET2305
Completions and Work-overs  PET2306
Mass and Heat Transfer PET2307
Semester 4
Enhanced Oil Recovery PET2401
Natural Gas Plant and Field Processes PET2402
Production Optimization PET2403
Product Blending Optimization  PET2404
Applied Fluid Mechanics PET2405
Materials and Equipment Design PET2406
Fundamentals of Oil Refining PET2407
Semester 5
Environmental Operating Practices  PET2501
Business Etiquette and Presentation Skills  PET2502
Process Technology  PET2503
Petroleum Project Economics and Risk Management  PET2504
Well Service Blowout Prevention  PET2505
Thru Tubing Logging  PET2506
Heavy Oil Production and Transportation  PET2507
Semester 6
Safety and Environmental Issues in the Petroleum Industry PET2601
Petroleum Finance and Accounting Principles  PET2602
Compressor Systems-Mechanical Design and Specification  PET2603
In Process Plant Equipment Optimization and Trouble Shooting  PET2604
Petroleum Geochemistry  PET2605
Drilling Fluids PET2606
Thesis  PET2607

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