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Accelerated learning in ICT, Clean Tech, Energy, Business and Management
About Us

Faculty & Staff
Administration & Office Support Staff
  • Dr. Hossein Banijamali

    President & CEO

  • Sina K. Maram

    Operations Manager

  • Dr. Bahar Karami, EIT

    International Business Development

  • Bahram Azh, P.Eng.

    International Program Advisor

Faculty & Teaching Staff
  • Dr. Amir Badakhshan, P.Eng.

    Senior Faculty Advisor, Chemical Engineering

  • Dr. Mohamad Saiy

    Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Maike Luiken, P.Eng.

    Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Guido A. De Winne, P.Eng.

    Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Eduard Loiczli

    Senior Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Vahid Mashatan

    Senior Faculty Advisor