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Diploma Program
Diploma Program
Electrical and Power Technology
Program Duration

76 Weeks 2 Years with Advanced 1 Year Engineering Power Technology placement.

Program Description

Industry's electrical needs are diverse and ranges from Electricians to Electrical Engineers. One of the special needs of any un-interrupted industrial operation is consistent power generation in response to unreliable electricity grids or when tradition hydroelectricity is unavailable. This makes Electrical Technologist with expertise in Power System Design and Maintenance valuable assets for companies.

Our 1 and 2-year Electrical and Power Technology Diploma program addresses critical employment needs in the electric utilities work-force. The students will gain hands-on experience and necessary set of skills and competencies and broad knowledge of the Power Industry. The Advanced Technology Diploma is suitable for individuals with at least one year of work experience in Electrical Power Industries and will prepare you to work as a support in Electrical Power Generation Units.

Advanced Placement
If you are a recent high-school graduate or do not possess work experience in this field, you will be enrolled at the start of semester 1. Advanced placement is available to those with experience to start in semester 3.

Program Highlights
  • Automation Hands-on Training (Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley
  • State-of-the-art Electrical Power System Modelling Software(EasyPower)
  • Industrial Seminars and Guest Speakers from Industry
  • Field Trips
  • Oppurtunity for Internships

The job market for qualified specialist in the electrical and power Generation field is strong and growing, due to supply shortages, climate disruptions and the increase in energy demands. Commonly, servicing companies that maintain power supply as well as power generating companies.

Subject Course Code Units
Semester 1
Technical Mathematics for Technicians and Technology GET1101 4
Electricity and Magnetism GET1102 5
Technical Communications GET1103 4
Electrical Machines GET1104 4
Electrical Machines GET1104 4
Semester 2
Electrical Apparatus GET2001 4
Calculus GET2202 4
SACADA Fundamentals GET2203 2
Circuits GET2204 4
Advanced Placement available for Semesters 1 & 2
Semester 3
Arc-Flash Calculations and Protection GET2301 4
Electrical Power System Modeling GET2302 4
Grounding System Design GET2303 4
Power Harmonics and Filters GET2304 4
Protection Coordination GET2305 4
Short Circuit Calculation GET2306 4
Semester 4
Distributed Generation, Green Energy, Gydro Transmission and Line Interaction GET2401 4
High Power, High(Medium) Voltage Substation GET2402 4
Low Voltage Electrical Systems (VFD, MCC, Motors,UPS, etc.) GET2403 4
Power Transformer Maintenance GET2404 4
Protection Coordination GET2305 4
Short Circuit Calculation GET2306 4
Semester 5
ABB Relay Programming GET2501 4
BASLER Relay Programming GET2502 4
GE Relay Programming GET2503 4
SECL Laboratory Relay Programming GET2504 4
Semester 6
Active and Reactive Power Calculation GET2601 4
Advanced Human Machine Interface Design GET2602 4
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC/PAC) GET2503 4
SCADA Function in Power Systems GET2504 4