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Relief and Flare Systems

The Relief and Flare Systems program is designed to provide a detailed understanding of relief and flare systems in the petroleum industry. This program introduces the philosophy of pressure control and overpressure protection in refineries where purposes of relief and flare systems are explained along with root-causes of overpressure in the process. This program also discusses techniques in selecting and sizing appropriate relief systems along with design aspects including code considerations. In the design section, fluid characteristics, service conditions, volumes, gas dispersion and radiation are discussed.

This program also provides comprehensive information about components of flare systems and smokeless operation. The attendees will gain more information about the components of flare systems through industrial visits designated for this program.

List of courses:
RFS100 - Relief and Flare System Philosophy
RFS101 - Relief System Selection and Sizing
RFS201 - Testing
RFS202 - Flare System Layout
RFS301 - Flare Stack Criteria