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Power System Design

Our Electrical and Power Systems training program provides comprehensive training solution for today's engineering and technical field personnel.

This hands-on approach, introduces technical procedures, practices, and problem solving methodologies, on the actual equipment that are commonly utilized in the industry. Upon successful completion, of all four certificates of Electrical and Power Systems program, the trainees will learn how to Design and Calculate a New Electrical System Regardless Of the Power, Size all the Electrical Equipment, Complete Protection Coordination Studies, ARC Flash Calculation, Testing Backup Generators and UPS Systems, Conduction Preventative Maintenance for Grounding Systems, and recommend SCADA System Implementation for a new or existing system.

List of courses:
PSD101 - Arc-Flash Calculation and Protection
PSD201 - Electrical Power System Modeling
PSD301 - Grounding System Design
PSD302 - Power Harmonics and Filters
PSD303 - Protection Coordination
MPS101 - ABB Relay Programming
MPS201 - BASLER Relay Programming
MPS301 - GE Relay Programming
MPS302 - SEL Laboratory Relay Programming
RLP 100 - Distributed Generation, Green Energy, Hydro Transmission Line Interaction
RLP 200 - High Power, High(Medium) Voltage Substation
RLP 300 - Low Voltage Electrical Systems (VFD, MCC, Motors, UPS, etc.)
RLP 400 - Power Transformer Maintenance