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Oil Refinery Operations

This program consists of several courses, emphasizing on Process Equipment, Instruments and technology, engaging Refinery Operations.

Trainees will receive knowledge of various aspects of plant operation, such as safety and troubleshooting, as well as in-depth understanding of equipment operation and maintenance, particularly those involved in oil refinery operations. Methodologies in separation processes will be reviewed in depth, along with all control systems, utilized in Petroleum process automation.

Besides the modern labs and hands-on-job training, software simulation will be utilized for in depth training.

List of courses:
REF101 - Oil Refinery Technologies
REF102 - Hydrocarbon Thermodynamics
REF201 - Hydrocarbon Unit Operations
REF202 - Separation and Distillation processes
REF203 - Flow Assurance
REF301 - Corrosion Control in Refinery or Oil and Gas industries
REF302 - Process Simulation (ProMAX)
REF303 - Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA
REF304 - Produced Water and Refinery Waste Management
REF305 - Process Operation Troubleshooting and Performance Monitoring