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Oil Field and Gas Field Production Operations Surface Facilities

Oil field and gas field production operations program is designed to provide engineers, technical in operational disciplines, an overview and fundamental understanding of a wide range of production handling and treatment equipment. The candidates, professionals and supervisors will not only learn how the equipment work but also be able to understand some design aspects of equipment, specifically pipelines and process vessels. Examples and step-by-step exercises are explored together with the instructor, to reinforce important concepts. These interactive courses will incorporate classroom discussion, participation and problem solving, as well as PowerPoint slides, several class working exercises, and videos. The trainees will also learn about automation in refinery environment through a live simulation of an early production facility.

List of courses:
RPO101 - Production Plant Overview, and Process Simulation
RPO102 - Introduction to Process Equipment, i.e. Separators, Desalters, etc.
RPO201 - Separators, Internals, and Instrumentations
RPO203 - Process Valves Overview
RPO301 - Introduction to Process Piping Standards (ASME B31.3)
RPO302 - Pumps Selection
RPO303 - Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and SCADA
RPO304 - Produced Water and Refinery Waste Management
RPO305 - Process Operation Troubleshooting and Performance Monitoring