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Natural Gas Technology

This program covers the major technical aspects of gas processing and conditioning that are comprised by the natural gas business chain.

These training courses include the natural gas collection from wellheads and process plant operations to achieve marketable products that meet desired product specifications. Emphasis is placed on providing participants with an improved understanding of the process techniques and equipment used. The plant systems covered include different modules of gas collection system; gas feed receipt and condensate stabilization; dew-point control and refrigeration systems; gas treating, dehydration and mercury removal of hydrocarbons; NGL recovery; fractionation as well as nitrogen rejection units and compression. This improved understanding of plant process operations and effective process plant surveillance techniques will lead to an increased ability to achieve optimum, economical operating performance.

Both hands-on-job training and computer-aided analysis are used to examine sensitivities of technical decisions. A basic working knowledge of the commercial process simulation package will provide the best opportunity to achieve the learning objectives of this course.

List of courses:
NGO101 - Natural Gas Fundamentals
NGO201 - Natural Gas Separation Systems
NGO202 - Natural Gas Traditional Processes
NGO203 - Details on Natural Gas Sweetening
NGO301 - Details on Natural Gas Dehydration
NGO302 - Natural Gas Transportation
NGO303 - Natural Gas Business Sector
NGO304 - Regulations