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Health, Safety and Environment

Hydrocarbons are perceived as a pollution hazard, and it is this environmental concern which has led to recent and more pervasive restrictions, on the emission of hydrocarbons in the environment. This program describes good practices and strategies that can be used to manage emission of air/water pollutants in petroleum refineries and explain best practices in the industry to enhance safety and sustainability. It also provides an in-depth knowledge, about safety measures in the workplace and possible ways of mitigating the safety risks. Occupational Safety and Health Administration course, also covers procedures associated to report and documentations of the hazards in the workplace, and familiarizes the delegates with the acts and regulations in place.

List of courses:
SCM101 - Introduction to Environmental Studies
SCM201 - Industrial Contaminants
SCM202 - Environmental Laws and Regulations
SCM203 - Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
SCM204 - Water Quality
SCM301 - Loss Prevention
SCM302 - Refinery Air and Water Emission Management