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Corrosion Basics, Detection and Prevention

Our "Corrosion Basics, Detection and Prevention Program" is designed to provide an in-depth knowledge in different aspects of corrosion protection technologies used in Energy industry.

This Program comprises of eleven progressive modules. Upon the successful completion, the students will be awarded an Advanced Certificate.

List of courses:
COR101 -Electrochemistry
COR102 - Corrosion Fundamentals
COR201 - Sacrificial Versus Impressed Current Cathodic Protection
COR202 - Soil Testing for Conductivity, Chlorides and pH
COR301 - Cathodic Protection and Survey for Pipelines
COR302 - Cathodic Protection for Tank Bottoms
COR303 - Cathodic Protection for Tank Internals
COR304 - Non-Destructive Testing Theory and Practice
COR305 - Interference
COR401 - Modified Cathodic Protection of Stainless Steels
COR402 - Anodic Protection of Acid Cooler, Stainless Piping and Storage Tanks