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Computer Aided Design & Product Development

Computer Aided Design is commonly used in tool and machinery design, and manufacturing of components.

In this program, the trainees will be familiarized with engineering drawing, interpreting the intention of design, and symbols and languages that are regulated by standard associations through a 36-hour course. Candidates learn about developing 3D designs, based on 2D projections, through this hands-on program, before utilizing relevant software such as, SolidWorks and AutoCAD. The final step of this program, is to familiarize the trainees with Finite Element Modelling, and analysis of different material phases.

List of courses:
CAD101 - Introduction to Engineering Drawing
CAD201 - Computer Aided Design - AUTOCAD
CAD202 - Introduction to SolidWorks
CAD203 - Solid Modeling
CAD301 - Simulation and Finite Element Modeling
CAD302 - Pipelines Stress Analysis