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Lean Six Sigma Workshop: Is It Right for You? (WS 731)

The concept of waste in today’s competitive industry is increasingly turning into one of the most critical challenges of operation. Globalization and growing convenience of sourcing material from international markets, makes waste reduction and process improvement one of the key focuses of corporations. This workshop is offered in two modules: Module 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma and Applications In this course, the attendees will be familiarized with the philosophy of Lean Operation and Six-Sigma Methodologies and we will walk you through several case studies where targeted implementation of Six-Sigma tools resulted in error-finding and optimizing the operation. Module 2: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Career Path By completing Module 1, you learn different industrial applications of Lean Six Sigma. In Module 2, you will be familiarized with the Six Sigma career path from a White Belt toward Championship. We will also review the Market Analysis Report for Six Sigma Belt careers in Ontario and where you can fit your skills best in this industry.

Who Benefits
Junior Engineers or Quality Technicians who are contemplating participation in Six-Sigma certification exam.

Course Content
In this workshop you will learn about the following topics: 1) History of Six Sigma 2) Lean Operation 3) Design approach in Six Sigma Operations 4) Design, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Implement and Control 5) Case Studies of Lean Six Sigma implementation in different industries 6) Career Paths for Green/Black Belts in Ontario 7) From White belt toward Championship

By the end of this course the student will learn about the: 1) Roles and responsibilities of different belts in the lifecycle of an improvement process 2) Overall understanding of steps toward minimizing waste 3) Role of Statistics in interpretation of data – Statistical Process Control 4) Design of Experiment (DOE) 5) Six-Sigma walkthrough Design, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Implementation and Control 6) The ways to improve quality and reduce defects within an organization through an active project 7) Career opportunities in Lean Six Sigma and enhance your resume

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