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Cost Saving Approaches on HMI Implementation (WS 142)

This course covers OPC software standard and RSLinx to prepare HMI for Allen Bradley PLC’s using VC++ Open Platform Communications (OPC) is a series of standards and specifications for industrial telecommunication. An industrial automation industry task force developed the original standard in 1996 under the name OLE for Process Control (Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control). For example, OPC specifies the communication of real-time plant data between control devices, like PLC’s from different manufacturers and developing software like C++. One of the advantages of OPC over DDE is its higher speed and scalability. In this course students will learn about Com model and how to write custom codes using VC++ to develop Custom in-house HMI applications for Allen Bradley PLC’s. Also, this course will cover usage of ActiveX controls which are graphical items used to create user interfaces.

Who Benefits
Students who have familiarity with HMI development software and high-level languages like VC++ and want to develop a free HMI for Allen Bradley PLC’s

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics 1) Introducing Com model 2) Introducing Activex controls 3) Introducing VC++ dialogue based applications 4) Using RSLinx as OPC server 5) Creating applications in Visual Studio as OPC client 6) Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication 7) Creating dialogue based HMI application in VC++ using ready to use Activex Controls

After Completion of this course you will know how to: 1) use DDE/OPC servers 2) use Allen Bradley’s OPC Test Client Application 3) create custom in-house HMI application by Excel 4) write VBA code to enhance HMI application functionality in excel 5) create custom in-house HMI application by VC++ or any other high level language

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