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Cost Saving Approaches on HMI Implementation I (WS 141)

This course covers DDE software standard and RSLinx to prepare HMI for Allen Bradley PLC’s using Excel. Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is a method of interprocess communication under Microsoft Windows or OS/2. The primary function of DDE is to allow Windows applications to share data. For example, a cell in Microsoft Excel could be linked to a value in another application like RSLinx and when the value changed, it would be automatically updated in the Excel spreadsheet. Each program was known to DDE by its "application" name. Each application could further organize information by groups known as "topic" and each topic could serve up individual pieces of data as an "item". For example, if a user wanted to pull a value from RSLinx which was contained in an Allen Bradley PLC to the cell in the first row and first column of Excel, the application would be "RSLinx", the topic "MyTopc" and the item "MyTimer.ACC". A common use of DDE is for custom-developed applications to control off-the- shelf software. For example, a custom in-house application might use DDE to open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and fill it with data, by opening a DDE conversation with RSLinx and sending it DDE commands.

Who Benefits
Students who have familiarity with HMI development software and want to develop a free HMI for Allen Bradley PLC’s

Course Content
1) Introducing RSLinx and Allen Bradley communication Model 2) Introducing VBA 3) RSLinx as DDE Server 4) DDE Clients 5) Using Excel as DDE Client 6) Creating applications in Excel to show PLC data 7) Creating applications in Excel to Poke data to PLC

After Completion of this course the student will learn: 1) How to setup RSLinx as DDE/OPC Server 2) How to add topics in RSLinx 3) How to create connection in Excel with Tags in PLC 4) How to create custom in-house HMI application by Excel 5) How to write VBA code to enhance HMI application functionality in excel

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