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Engineering Analysis with Solidworks Simulation (WS 563)

This course introduces Finite Element Methods for the analysis of solid, structural, fluid, field, and heat transfer problems. Steady-state, transient, and dynamic conditions are considered. Finite Element Methods and solution procedures for linear and nonlinear analyses are presented using largely physical arguments. Applications include finite element analyses, modelling of problems, and interpretation of numerical results. The examples and projects used in this course need to already take these prerequisites: - Mechanics of Materials - Mechanical Design - Fluid Mechanics - Thermodynamics - Heat Transfer

Who Benefits
1) Engineers 2) Designers

Course Content
This course contains the following topics: 1) Introduction: why to study FEA in Solidworks 2) The finite element analysis process in Solidworks 3) Analysis of solids/structures and fluids 4) The finite element formulation 5) Finite element solution process in Solidworks 6) Demonstration on using Solidworks, part 1 7) Demonstration on using Solidworks, part 2 8)Nonlinear finite element analysis of solids and structures 9) Heat transfer analysis 10) Finite element analysis of heat transfers and incompressible fluid flow 11) Modeling for dynamic analysis and solution

After Completion of this course the student will understand: 1) Modern analysis techniques used widely in engineering practice and the sciences, and their use these techniques in Solidworks 2) How to establish computational models of problems of solids and fluids, solve them on their laptop, and assess the accuracy of the results 3) How to capitalize and reinforce thier knowledge of mechanics, as well as solve problems that can only be tackled numerically on the computer

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