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Interpreting Technical Drawings (WS 562)

This course is the fundamental course in the design and drafting field. Using the knowledge and skills obtained students will create and interpret technical engineering drawings. Students will also enhance their AutoCAD skills, which is widely used to increase the productivity of design and drafting. The graphical skills taught in this course are directly applicable to all subsequent CAD software and drafting projects.

Who Benefits
1) Engineers 2) Mechanical Technicians 3) Electro-Mechanical Technicians 4) Designers 5) Drafters

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics: 1) Graphical Language 2) Drafting Tools 3) Line Types & Lettering 4) Borders & Title Block 5) Orthographic Projection 6) Sketching (Lines – Arcs – Circles) 7) AutoCAD Interface and File Management 8) Drawing Fundamentals using CAD (Drawing/Modifying/Layers/Inquiry/properties/hatch/Osnap/Ortho) 9) Dimensioning 10) Organizing, editing and plotting drawings 11) Thread Conventions 12) Introduction to Limits and Tolerances

After Completion of this course the student will be able to: 1) Access CAD software, create and handle files using AutoCAD 2) Use appropriate drafting conventions to create lines, circles, arcs, poly lines, polygons, ellipses, text, dimensions, lettering, hatch and other notations 3) Edit geometry using commands such as move, delete, copy, mirror, array, trim, extend and break 4) Change properties of geometry such as colour, line type, and layer 5) Produce a hard copy of the drawing to a standard scale 6) Apply the drafting tools effectively 7) Interpret the working drawings and understand the purpose of details

Course Dates

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