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Rotary Equipment Maintenance and Trouble Shooting (WS 561)

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of rotating equipment failures and reliability. It will present scenarios involving common rotating equipment reliability issues such as, significant fluid failures, rotors, journal bearings and vibration, thrust bearings, balance drums, pump mechanical seals and compressor seals (liquid and dry gas). The concepts and definitions are applicable to all oil and gas field production facilities, refineries, pipelines, and offshore systems.

Who Benefits
1) Plant Engineers 2) Process Engineers 3) Oil and Gas Technicians 4) New Graduates who would like to work in the operation environment

Course Content
This course will consist of the following topics: 1) Rotating equipment fundamentals and reliability basics 2) The causes of machinery failures 3) Installation errors 4) Operating procedures 5) Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) procedures and examples 6)Rotors – the effect of process head 7) Journal bearings and vibration 8)Thrust bearings and balance drums 9)Pump mechanical seals 10) Compressor seal systems (liquid and dry gas) 11) Procedure of effective troubleshooting 12) Condition monitoring 13) Defining abnormal conditions 14) Listing all possible causes 15) Eliminating non-related causes 16) Stating root cause of the problem 17) Solutions and maintenance

After Completion of this course the student will understand: 1) Techniques for troubleshooting failure causes 2) Causes of machinery failures 3) Equipment reliability and predictive maintenance fundamentals 4) RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis) procedures and techniques

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