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Flow Measurement Instruments (WS 232)

This course explains the flow of fluids, the types of flow and methods of flow measurement. It also describes different measuring elements, related principles, methods and installation concerns.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Engineers 2) Electrical Maintenance Technicians 3) Line mans 4) First Line Managers 5) Switching Authorities

Course Content
The Course consists of the following topics: 1) Definitions of fluids 2) Physical property of fluids 3) Energy equation for streamline flow of fluid 4) Types of flow 5) Reynolds Number 6) Straight pipe run 7) Straightening vane 8) Flow measuring instruments 9) “U” Tube 10) Primary elements 11) Office plates 12) Types of orifice plates 13) Fabrication of orifice plate 14) Orifice flange 15) Measurement of differential pressure 16) Pattern of flow in orifice section 17) Flowmeter installation 18) Variable area meter 19) Quantity meter 20) Velocity meter 21) Flow switch

After Completion of this course the student will learn how to describe: 1) fluids 2) flow of fluids 3) Bernoulli’s theorem 4) types of flow 5) flow measuring techniques 6) differential pressure creators 7) types of orifice plates

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