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Introduction to Pressure Sensors Workshop (WS 231)

This course makes trainees familiar with most common types of Pressure sensors and measurement methods.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Engineers 2) Electrical Maintenance Technicians 3) Line mans 4) First Line Managers 5) Switching Authorities

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics: 1) Basic concept 2) Pressure measurement 3) Pressure measuring methods 4) Pressure gauge 5) Differential pressure measurement 6) Dead weight tester 7) Pressure transmitter 8) Checking pressure installations

After Completion of this course the student will be able to: 1) Understand the meaning of atmospheric pressure and its measuring device 2) Describe gauge pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum & differential pressure, static head 3) Convert units of pressure 4) Name different methods of pressure measurement 5) Describe manometry (including ā€œUā€ tube well type) 6) Describe bourdon pressure elements (including ā€œCā€, spiral and helical table) 7) Describe bellows & diaphragm 8) Explain the structure of pressure gauge 9) State the reasons for protection of pressure instruments 10) State pressure instrument accessories 11) Check the pressure gauge installation

Course Dates

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