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The fundamentals of Relay Protection Workshop (WS 132)

The relay Protection Course will describe the most important and typical protection for Motors, Transformers, Generators Distribution Substations, Feeders and Transmission Lines. Protection coordination principles will be discusses based on typical situations, and GE Relay family implementation examples will be provided. A real-life relay setting will be demonstrated using ENERVISTA Software. Typical Setting and special configurations will be discussed.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Technicians 2) Maintenance and Engineers 3) First Line Managers

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics: 1) Protection Coordination Principles 2) Time and Current Discrimination 3) Logic and Pilot Discrimination 4) Relay Protection Structure and typical settings for Motors 5) Recommended Protection for Transformers 6) Typical Protection and settings for Generators 7) Distribution Substation Protection and Feeders 8)Transmission Line Protection

After completion of this course the student will be able to: 1) select the proper protection for a Motor 2) select the proper protection for a Power Transformer 3) select the proper protection for a Generator 4) select the proper protection for a Distribution Substation 5) select the proper parameters for the implementation of the protection curves using ENERVISTA

Course Dates

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