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Fundamentals of the PlantPAx Application (WS 163)

The course will follow a hands-on approach to implement a PlantPAx Solution for an application, using Factory Talk SE and the Client Server Technology.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Technicians 2) Maintenance and Engineers 3) First Line Managers 4) PLC and PAC Programmers 5) Integrators 6) SCADA Engineers

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics: 1) Setting up the PAX Environment 2) Importing the Add On Instructions; Global Objects and Templates 3) Creating the First Global Object Screen Linked to a project 4) Using Plant PAX For a Complex Project with Multiple Parameters 5) Setting up the Client Server System 6) Testing the Plant PAX Application

After completion of this course you will learn to: 1) Setup the Factory Talk for a Plant PAX Application 2) Write a simple program to 3) Create the Plant PAX Application 4) Connect with Client Server Technology to the Plant PAX Application 5) Troubleshoot and update a Plant PAX Application

Course Dates

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