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Pay Less, Save More: Cheaper & Customized HMI Implementation (WS 162)

In this workshop you will learn about two approaches on software communications, namely Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Open Platform Communications (OPC). A common use of DDE is for custom-developed applications to control off-the- shelf software. For example, a custom in-house application might use DDE to open a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and fill it with data, through communicating with your equipments. Open Platform Communication (OPC) is also explained in this workshop. OPC specifies the communication of real-time plant data between control devices, like PLC’s from different manufacturers and developing software like C++. One of the advantages of OPC over DDE is its higher speed and scalability. Case studies demonstrated in this workshop is based on Rockwell’s RSLinx and Allen Bradley products.

Who Benefits
1) Automation Engineers 2) Instrumentation and Control Engineers 3) Project Managers

Course Content
1) Introducing RSLinx and Allen Bradley communication Model 2) Introducing VBA 3) RSLinx as DDE Server 4) DDE Clients 5) Using Excel as DDE Client 6) Creating applications in Excel to show PLC data 7) Creating applications in Excel to Poke data to PLC 8) Introducing Com model 9) Introducing Activex controls 10) Introducing VC++ dialogue based applications 11) Using RSLinx as OPC server 12) Creating applications in Visual Studio as OPC client 13) Synchronous vs Asynchronous communication 14) Creating dialogue based HMI application in VC++ using ready to use Activex Control

After Completion of this course you will learn: 1) Basic understanding of DDE/OPC Servers functionality 2)Communication between PLC and Microsoft Excel 3) Allen Bradley’s OPC Test Client Application 4) Steps to developing custom in-house Human Machine Interface using VBA 5) Steps to developing custom in-house Human Machine Interface using Visual C++

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