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Ladder Logic Programming Workshop (WS 161)

This is a hands-on approach workshop that will provide all the programming elements needed to perform the programming of a PLC-Programmable Logic Controller or PAC-Programmable Automation Controller, for a basic application that requires modification or use the existing program to troubleshoot an existing Automation.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Technicians 2) Maintenance and Engineers 3) First Line Managers 4)PLC Programmers 5) Integrators

Course Content
The course consists of the following topics: 1) Introduction to PLC, RS-Linx Classic Connectivity and drive installation 2) Browsing the Network 3) Softlogix 5800 Configuration 4) Studio 5000 Environment 5) Connecting the PC to the PLC, uploading and downloading 6) Bit Instructions, Timers and Counters 7) Application : COMPRESSOR 8) Monitoring the Program Execution 9) Trending the Execution of a Program

After completion of this course you will be able to: 1) install the proper drive for the application 2) Write Ladder Logic Application 3)Download or Upload a Program 4) Monitor the Execution of a Ladder Logic Application 5) Perform On Line Edit and Forcing 6)Install a Trend or Watch Window for monitoring the system

Course Dates

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