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Motors, Drives and Soft Starters (WS 131)

In this workshop you will learn about the typical topology of a Motor Drive, SCALAR, VECTOR, and Direct Torque Control. We will also focus on the Two Quadrant and Four Quadrant Operation as Full Regen Drives and Active Front End implementation. Typical Solutions for different applications will be discussed.

Who Benefits
1) Electrical Technicians 2) Maintenance and Engineers 3) First Line Managers 4) Project Managers 5) Recent graduates in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Course Content
This course consists of the following topics: 1) Introduction to Motor Drives 2) Block Diagram of a Motor Drive 3) Full-Regen Drive Power Electronics and Convertors 4) Active Front Eng, IGBT Based Rectified 5) Scalar Control and Applications 6) Vector Control or Field Oriented Control and applications 7) Direct Torque Control or Accelerated Vector and typical applications 8) Dynamic Braking Resistor Requirement

After Completion of this course the student will be able to: 1) Understand the power structure of a Motor Drive 2) Select the proper power structure of a Drive to fit the application requirements 3) Implement the proper settings for a SCALAR drive 4) Select the required type of control for the application 5) Perform AUTO and MANUAL Tuning for a sensor or Senseless Drive

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