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Corrosion and Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis and Prevention (CRR 200)

The cause and prevention of failure of products and components damaged in service as a result of corrosion attack, material/mechanical deficiencies or improper manufacturing, installation and maintenance are described in this course

Who Benefits
This course is designed for individuals seeking a profession in corrosion field at the level of a technician, technologist, skilled worker, or high school students who plan to pursue education in corrosion and inspection.

Course Content
  1. General concepts and procedures used for failure analysis and prevention
  2. Types of fractures (ductile, brittle and fatigue fractures)
  3. Chemical and mechanical forms of failures (corrosion, wear and erosion damages)
  4. Failures of welded and soldered assemblies
  5. Failures of manufactured products (shafts, bearings, gears and mechanical fasteners)
  6. Failures of heat exchangers, boilers and pressure vessel components

Upon successful completion of this course the student will learn:
  1. Different types of mechanical and chemical failures occurred to the most common mechanical products and components
  2. The basics of the techniques used for failure analysis and prevention

Course Dates

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