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Process Automation

Process Control (PLC 302)

The Process Control Course, will focus on implementation of the Close Loop Control Systems build with a variety of regulators, PID; PIDE; Dual and Tree Positional Controllers to achieve a required performance. Manual and Auto tuning functions will be applied to optimize the close loop control system

Who Benefits
Engineering, skilled technicians, and management. specially recommended for large manufacturing plants, oil extraction, robotics, handling automation systems for large buildings and programming fire panels, programming CNC machinists.

Course Content
  1. Close Loop control Function and characteristics
  2. PID Close Loop Control using Ladder Logic
  3. PIDE Close Loop Control for Flow and Temperature
  4. The Auto Tuning function
  5. Building FTAP VIEW Templates for Close loop control
  6. Multifunctional Discrete Regulators
  7. Typical Application for Oil and Gas

  1. Writing codes for dedicated process control, PID and PIDE close-loop control for diverse applications

Course Dates

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