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Process Automation

Distributed Control Systems (DCS) (PLC 301)

This course will focus on the vertical integration package of software used for process administration and optimization. The course will also focus on third party connectivity using deterministic networks and Keep Server. The students will learn how to implement in a systematic way the DCS Project related to a large OIL Extraction Plant. Each student will participate in the project development of a new OIL Extraction Plant.

Who Benefits
Engineering, skilled technicians, and management. specially recommended for large manufacturing plants, oil extraction, robotics, handling automation systems for large buildings and programming fire panels, programming CNC machinists.

Course Content
  1. Bizware
  2. Hystorian
  3. Asset Manager
  4. Vintage Point
  6. XCOUPLER & WEB Server
  7. Keep Server

  1. How to connect the Bizware & Historian to the process via OPC / ODBC Connector
  2. How to generate optimization reports for normal and abnormal operation
  3. How to perform trending
  4. Setup Asset Manager for administration of an Automation Software
  5. Programming Vintage Point Application for Remote access and monitoring
  6. Optimize the process based on RS-Batch
  7. Program XCOUPLER and WEB Server for Real Time Data acquisition and Control
  8. Early Stage Oil-Production facility, DCS Implementation

Course Dates

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