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Process Automation

Human Machine Interface Design (PLC 202)

HMI is one of the most important parts in SCADA system. This course is offered in two sections: Basic: This course is a skill-building course that provides you with the skills necessary to develop HMI applications that run on the next-generation PanelView Plus terminals. The students will use FTAP-VIEW Studio software to create graphic programs for Computer and PanelView Plus Operator Interface. Topics covered are: PanelView Plus Hardware, Communications, HMI Tag Database, Configuring Displays, Creating animation, Configuring Alarms. Advanced: This course helps the students building a solid foundation with a basic knowledge of Contrologix and other Logix systems such as CompactLogix, FlexLogix, DriveLogix, and SoftLogix. The students will design, connect, program and troubleshoot the operations of many practical industrial control applications. Plant PAX will be used to implement SCADA System. Using FTAP View SE Distributed, Client Server Applications will be implemented and tested.

Who Benefits
Engineering, skilled technicians, and management. specially recommended for large manufacturing plants, oil extraction, robotics, handling automation systems for large buildings and programming fire panels, programming CNC machinists.

Course Content
  1. Logix Family
  2. Control Logix System hardware and configuration
  3. Basic PLC instructions
  4. Timer and Counters
  5. PLC Project Development
  6. Client Server application (PAX V.300)
  7. Data Acquisition Systems
  8. Data Logging
  9. Real Time Trending

  1. Fundamentals of SCADA systems
  2. Essentials of SCADA software configurations
  3. How to use PLANT PAX for SCADA
  4. How to create graphic programs for computer and PanelView Plus Operation Interface using FTAP View Studio
  5. Fundamentals of Logix systems (E.g. CompactLogix, FlexLogix, DriveLogix, and SoftLogix)

Course Dates

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