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Advanced PLC Programming (PLC 201)

The Advanced PLC Programming covers advanced programming content and applications based on our advanced simulator EMU-5000; EMU-500; EMU-5. This simulation software allows you to practice and develop your programming skills by converting your computer into a fully functioning visual PAC/PLC where you can program, test, and de-bug you application programs. In other words, EMU-5000 replaces the physical PLC lab, ladder rung editor, and all the electrical components that have, until now, been required to learn PLC programming and operation. And now, EMU 5000 contains special capability for step by step execution; tracing, etc.

Who Benefits
Engineering, skilled technicians, and management. specially recommended for large manufacturing plants, oil extraction, robotics, handling automation systems for large buildings and programming fire panels, programming CNC machinists.

Course Content
  1. Advanced techniques for EMU-5000
  2. Techniques in developing advanced PAC/PLC programs
  3. EMU-5000-MULTITASKING APPLICATION, examples for Oil Industry
  4. Developing HMI interface with animation
  5. Using multiple languages for specific application
  6. Controlling execution of the program based on EMU 5000 techniques
  7. Performing efficient communication, via Produced Consumed TAGS
  8. Equipment Phase Programming
  9. Add On Instructions
  10. Multitasking: Continuous; Periodic and Event driven Task
  11. Multilanguage Programming: Ladder logic; SFC; FBD; Structured Text

  1. Multi-language programming, using: Ladder Logic, GBC; SFC; Structured Text and Equipment Phase Programming
  2. PLC Programming applications in oil industry using EMU-5000 Simulator
  3. Multitasking programming for real-time execution, using continuous; periodic and event task

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