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Process Automation

Introduction to Process Automation (PLC 101)

The course will describe all major equipment and programming requirements to select; build; program and test an industrial or residential automation system.

Who Benefits
This course is designed to provide an understanding about the big picture of Process Automation. Whether you are a Project Manager, Engineer, Technician or even a person with minimum background in Process Automation but interested in learning about how automation is done in industrial capacity and would like to earn hands-on experience on this topic, this course is for you.

Course Content
  1. Introduction to Industrial Automation
  2. PLC, PAC and Drives
  3. Software to Select and Size Components
  4. Integration Requirements and Standards
  5. Programming an Automation for Ladder Logic
  6. Other Programming Languages
  7. Multitasking
  8. Distributed Control Systems
  9. SCADA for different applications
  10. Building Automation Systems
  11. Real Time Communications
  12. Integrating Motors Drives and Robotics
  13. Animating and Testing

  1. Understanding of Programmable Logic Control definitions
  2. Applications of Automation Systems in industrial and residential environments
  3. Basic Hands-on exposure on working with data acquisition systems
  4. Fundamental familarity with variety of programming languages used in Automation
  5. Introduction to Real-Time communication

Course Dates

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