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Computer Aided Manufacturing

Multi-Axis Machining - MasterCAM (CAM 203)

In this course students learn to program 4 and 5 axis machines in addition to milling and turning methods in turning centre operations. Best practices, modification and editing techniques combined with optimizations of complex CNC programs are also examined and practiced.

Who Benefits
This course is designed for individuals seeking a profession in the mechanical engineering field at the level of a technician, technologist or skilled worker. General Machinists, Tool and Die Makers, Mold Makers, CNC Programmers, Millwrights, Mechanical Maintenance technicians, Consumer Product Designers, Machine Tool Designers, Technology Hobbyists and Prototype Developers require this advanced course to pursue and succeed in their relevant industrial fields.

Course Content
  1. Multi axis machining concepts and multi axis machines
  2. World co-ordinate systems
  3. Drilling, holding the part, fixturing
  4. Collison control, tool axis control
  5. CNC program optimization

  1. Identify multi axis machines, conditions where multi axis machining is required, etc.
  2. Optimize a complex CNC program
  3. Modify parts, tool paths, co-ordinate systems

Course Dates

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