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Computer Aided Manufacturing

Introduction to CNC Programming (CAM 101)

This course introduces students to basics of writing a Computerized Numerical Control program for Machining Centres and Turning Machines. Cartesian coordinate system, Binary numbers, G and M codes, Canned cycles, tool compensation and macro programing are examples of topics covered. Students learn about linear and circular interpolations, Cutter radius compensation, Roughing and Finishing cycles used both in machining centres and Turning machines. This course prepares students to generate a simple CNC program for both 3 axis milling machines and 2 axis turning centres.

Who Benefits
This course is designed for individuals seeking professions such as General Machinist, Tool and Die Maker, Mold Makers, CNC Programmer, Millwright, Consumer Product Designers, Machine Tool Designer, Technology Hobbyist and Prototype Developer.

Course Content
  1. Introduction to various types of CNC machines
  2. Cartesian coordinate system and related terminolog
  3. G codes, M codes and other address symbols
  4. Canned Cycles and looped operations
  5. Cutter Radius Compensation and tool wear
  6. Multi tool CNC programs using subroutines
  7. CNC Program efficiency and time savings

  1. Identify symbols and interpolate standard notations of a typical CNC program.
  2. Compose a simple program for a multi tool operation of a CNC Milling Machine.
  3. Edit, modify and troubleshoot a simple program for a CNC Milling machine.

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