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Computer Aided Design

Simulation and Finite Element Modeling (SolidWorks) (CAD 302)

In this course students learn to analyse their solid models. The first part of this course is dedicated to mechanical simulations such as stress, strain, deflection and strength related characteristics of a given model. Flow simulation is the main focus of the second half. Boundary conditions setup, fluid and flow properties are learned and effectively practised during this half of the course.

Who Benefits
This course is designed for experienced SolidWorks users and seasoned users of other CAD systems. Practical case studies are used to simulate stress and flow properties via finite element modelling. Design Engineers, Structural Engineers, Mold Designers, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil and Electrical Engineers, Hobbyists and Prototype Developers, etc. will benefit from this advanced course.

Course Content
  1. Background of SolidWorkds FEM (computation requirements, limitations, etc.)
  2. Preprocessing (material, boundary conditions, loads, flow conditions, fluids, etc.)
  3. Meshing (types, size, density, computation domain, etc.)
  4. Post processing (result plots, reports, etc.)

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:
  1. Identify the limitations of a SolidWorks simulation study
  2. Setup mechanical and flow simulations for a solid model
  3. Use a mesh appropriate to the solid model
  4. Generate plots and reports to show the results of a simulation study

Course Dates

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