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Supply Chain Management

Production Planning and Scheduling (SCM 302)

The course deals with Production Planning and Lean Production Principles, the management activities to ensure that production system and organizational objectives are met. All practices associated with production to specify the optimal allocation of production resources to satisfy customer demand effectively and efficiently.

Who Benefits
Analyst of information systems and processes/ Buyer/ Logistics specialist – Order manager/ Manufacturing planner and controller/ Sales forecaster – Specialist in purchasing/procurement, warehousing, transportation, production/quality and planning.

Course Content
  1. Production planning system
  2. Sales and operations planning
  3. Master scheduling
  4. Material requirements planning
  5. Capacity management
  6. Scheduling
  7. Just in time in manufacturing
  8. Theory of constraints

  1. Understand role of aggregate planning in a supply chain.
  2. Explain aggregate planning and identify the variables and strategies used in sales and operations planning.
  3. Explain master production scheduling and how it is performed.
  4. Describe Material Requirements Planning (MRP,) schedule receipt, planned-order receipts and planned-order releases.
  5. Describe lot sizing methods, capacity requirements planning.
  6. Explain just-in-time (JIT) and lean production and how they can be implemented.
  7. Explain job and staff scheduling and discuss priority rules and performance measures for sequencing/scheduling.
  8. Describe Theory of Constraints and scheduling based on the bottleneck work center.

Course Dates

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