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Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM 203)

This course provides students an understanding of Supply Chain and Logistics. Supply Chain includes the flow of materials, information, money, and services from raw material suppliers, work-in-process, and finished goods through factories and warehouses to point of consumption. Supply Chain Management is planning, organizing and coordinating of all supply chain’s activities for meeting market demand efficiently and effectively. This course provides both practical and management perspective of the logistics, distribution, transportation, inventory theories, supporting information technology and key indicators for improving supply chain performance (based on SCOR).

Who Benefits
Analyst of information systems and processes/ Buyer/ Logistics specialist – Order manager/ Manufacturing planner and controller/ Sales forecaster – Specialist in purchasing/procurement, warehousing, transportation, production/quality and planning.

Course Content
  1. Supply chain
  2. Information technology in supply chain
  3. Supply chain integration
  4. Supplier relationship management
  5. Logistics
  6. Supply chain network
  7. Supply chain operations
  8. SCOR model

  1. Discuss the development, evolution and objectives of effective supply chain management.
  2. Explain decision phases in a supply chain
  3. Provide a Process View of a supply chain, the Importance of supply chain flows
  4. Realize the key drivers of supply chain and supply chain strategies.
  5. Outline the key steps in creating an effective supply chain.
  6. Explain supplier management and partnership.
  7. Demonstrate the key activities performed by the logistics function.
  8. Explain the purchasing process and strategic sourcing.
  9. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different modes of transportation.
  10. Explain fast delivery methods, third party logistics, reverse logistics and global supply chains.
  11. Explain the new trends in supply chain management and discuss lean supply chain.

Course Dates

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