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Supply Chain Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) (SCM 201)

This course provides an overview on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Students will gain with the concepts and logic of process integration inherent in ERP. The course describes the key modules of ERP. The technical and managerial issues in planning, designing and implementing of ERP will be explained to students. They can participate in implementation of enterprise systems and understand how enterprise systems are used to manage supply chains activities.

Who Benefits
Analyst of information systems and processes/ Buyer/ Logistics specialist – Order manager/ Manufacturing planner and controller/ Sales forecaster – Specialist in purchasing/procurement, warehousing, transportation, production/quality and planning.

Course Content
  1. Business Functions and Business Processes
  2. Process Modeling
  3. Information Systems and Technology
  4. Financial accounting, production and material management (supply chain management), marketing and human resources.
  5. Enterprise systems from a process perspective
  6. Criteria for choice and selection of enterprise systems
  7. Development and implementation of ERP Systems

  1. Demonstrate how ERP systems integrate core business processes across functional and support business management
  2. Understand the enterprise systems concept and solutions on business development
  3. Evaluate options for the development and management of information systems technology to improve supplier performance and Supply management.
  4. Identify the significance and benefits of ERP software as global, online, extended and integrated systems.
  5. Understand business development and Business Process re-engineering support by enterprise systems
  6. Become familiar with the key modules of ERP in functional areas.

Course Dates

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