Diploma Program Admissions Requirements

To apply for one of our full-time diploma programs, all prospective student must satisfy the following:

  • Earned an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent
  • Have strong, competitive grade point average in pre-requisite courses.
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Satisfy English language proficiency requirement

A minimum grade point average of 65% is required for domestic applicants, and an average of 70% or higher for International applicants. Due to limitted student intake, these minimum requirements may change on a demand basis.

Advanced standing may be determined by placement exam or review of academic credentials and/or work experiences.

International Students

Petrel College of Technology is a Designated Learning Institute, in good standing, with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Our DLI# is O246148742007. This number indicates that international students who are accepted to our institute for studies greater than six months in duration may apply for a Study Permit from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Effective June 1, 2014 all Study Permit applications must include Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number.

If a diploma program applicant has strong qualifications, an offer of conditional admission may be granted until such time that the deficiency (such as English language proficiency) is completed. Upon successful completion, student will then need to apply for a new study permit demonstrating that they have completed the admission requirements.

We welcome prospective International student applicants. There are additional visa requirements that have to be met to enter a program of study.

Step 1: Review the requirements for studying in Canada

Step 2: Prepare your application documents for the government of Canada

Step 3: For Visa requirements and information on applying for a Study Permit, please see government of Canada website here.

Find Petrel College on the Designated Learning Institute list by selecting Ontario from the list of provinces, and filter by typing “Petrel” into the filter items box.


English Proficiency Requirement

All of the instruction at Petrel College is in English. Students who are admitted to the college for whom English is not their first language must demonstrate that they have sufficient facility with the English language to be successful in the program in which they have enrolled. They must demonstrate:

  • The ability to speak and communicate in English
  • The ability to listen and understand English
  • The ability to read in English
  • Demonstrate basic English writing skills

Students for whom English is not their first language can demonstrate that they have achieved these basic language requirements by completing:

  • IELTS level 5.5
  • or TOEFL paper based score of 513
  • or TOEFL computer based score of 65/120

Required Documents

Before sending your application, review the required documents below and ensure that you have included each document to support your application.

An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent and any additional certificate must be submitted with your application. For those candidates who spent their secondary school program outside of Canada, please make sure that your documents are translated in English at a certified notary.

A candidate’s work history can bolster and strengthen their application. We always encourage the prospective candidate to submit their most recent resume/CV alongside their application.

Up to two letters of recommendation will be accepted to support your application to tell us about your character, personal accomplishments and anything your recommenders would like to highlight.

A one-page cover letter indicating your interest in the intended program. This helps our admissions team to evaluate a candidates readiness and goals in participating, as well as helping us to form a cohort of students with diverse backgrounds to add to the learning experience.

Please make sure to answer the following questions in your cover-page:

  • What role do you see yourself immediately in upon graduating?
  • How do you see your experience at Petrel College helping you to achieve that goal?
  • What do you consider important qualities of a candidate for success in this program?

Ready to apply?

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